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Influence and Persuasion

influence and persuasion

Persuasion  Influence …… Manipulation , Control,  Lead,  Affect,  Alter,  Brainwash and Seduce.

Are they all the same ?

To persuade or Influence is to help another person make a judgement regarding whatever you are presenting them with. To guide them towards  the adoption of an idea , attitude or action this may be through rational and symbolic although not always logical means.

Everyday we have to persuade others to go along with an idea or suggestion. Which one of the above words describes the manner in which you do so.


The way you speak , what you wear, gestures used and even where you stand when talking can influence others

  • Do you understand the needs of the people around you be it at work or home ?
  • Can you help them make a decision which will be in the best interests of both parties ?
  • Do you know what triggers to look for ?
  • Do you know how to apply these to yourself ?
  • How would you like to be more influential with your clients  ?

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