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Body Language

body language

When you meet and speak with people do you listen ?

I mean really listen.

When you meet people what do you see ?

I mean really see.

Good communication is all about listening and looking . It’s not just about listening to what they are saying , it’s about really hearing where the emphasis is. When you look at them do you just stare at their face ? the wall ? or up in the air ?

You have to take in so much.

Body language or non-verbal communication also known as kinesics is about really paying attention to the other person and being self aware.

There are so many parts to our non verbal communication :

The voice

  • speed of speech,/li>
  • tone
  • pitch
  • volume
  • pauses

The face

  • expressions
  • microexpressions
  • eyes focused/defocused

Hands Arms and Legs

  • gestures
  • haptics -touching people
  • fidgeting, stroking , hitting ,pointing
  • toe tapping, leg rubbing


  • Standing
  • Sitting


  • Distance between people