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alam ghafoor observations

What do you pay attention to?

Do you notice people, their mannerisms, the way they conduct business and how they think?

A client of mine called me up wanting my help in promoting and selling a new product.

He had a list of potentials that he had discussed the new product with, so we went off to see the first one.

As we talked about the product – an insurance aimed specifically at injury claim lawyers – the gentleman in question excused himself as he  had to answer a personal call on his cellphone.

I looked around the office got out of the chair and walked over to the bookshelves, next to them was a desk with piles and piles of papers. There happened to be a letter from the accountants talking about the 2nd year accounts and how much debt the company had.

I sat back down and waited. When he returned we resumed talks and I mentioned to him that in our experience young practises such as his would after the first couple of years be in debt to the tune of around, whatever the figure was.

His expression changed and suddenly he was alot more receptive to what we were selling, needless to say we sold him a substantial package that would benefit him.

My client asked me how I knew the figures and I told him what I had seen.

Many times when you visit prospective customers take a look around, take a look at them, listen closely to any clues that my signal what they are looking for because the edge you need may be right in front of you.