alam ghafoor negotiations


If you cant go around it, over it or through it you better negotiate with it.

alam ghafoor body language

Body Language

Words by themselves have little meaning. The actions surrounding them can reveal all.

alam ghafoor influence and persuasion


Your words and actions will plant the seed of success or failure in the mind of another.

alam ghafoor business strategy

Business Strategy

Hope is not a strategy, great businesses have a simple, workable and effective plan.

alam ghafoor entrepreneurs


Constantly driving your business forward is a challenge you can't handle alone.

alam ghafoor public speaking

Public Speaking

Alam delivers speeches and motivational talks on a different level to most others.

alam ghafoor blog

Alam's Blog

Regular posts on the world of business psychology.

alam ghafoor products


A range of products, digital products and services to enhance your business lifestyle.